Click Campaign Activities Posted Weekly

Click Campaign

The Click Campaign is a public campaign created by SELECT Programs, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide professional and technology skill training for all students.

This campaign provides the public with free and engaging activities that tie into a soft skill or technical skill related to technology. Students will be challenged to use innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking while completing the activities.


Design Your Own Pumpkin Activity

Have students create a design (that is not a Jack O’Lantern) to carve onto a pumpkin. Then, with adult supervision and / or help, have them carve their design onto a pumpkin.

Parts of a Computer Spider Web Activity

Have students build the spider web by cutting out and gluing the correct picture icon to the activity page to label the different parts or components of the computer.

Digital Citizenship Week 2022 (Monday): Flash Cards

Our Digital Citizenship Flash Cards are a great way you can introduce students to or remind them about important terms when using or interacting with technology.

Digital Citizenship Week 2022 (Tuesday): Responsibility

This activity is a great way for students to apply what they have learned about being a Responsible Digital Citizen to different scenarios that could possibly come up in their own interactions with technology.

Digital Citizenship Week 2022 (Wednesday): Respect

This activity is a great way to have students review what being a Respectful Digital Citizen looks like and put it into their own words. Students will learn terms like THINK and Intellectual Property in this activity.

Digital Citizenship Week 2022 (Thursday): Safe

Students will learn about using the Internet and social media safely, how to create strong passwords, and to always communicate with a parent or guardian when they are uncomfortable or unsure about something they see online.

Digital Citizenship Week 2022 (Friday): Certificate

This week we learned that Digital Citizens are RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, and SAFE when using technology! Today students can review key concepts and terms they learned throughout the week then celebrate all they have learned by downloading the Digital Citizenship Certificate.

Map Your Trick or Treat Route Activity

Have students map their trick-or-treat route for Halloween night. Students should include a title, a map key, a compass rose, and even the latitude and longitude of the location on their map.

STEM Activity: Build a Haunted House

Have students plan and then build a Haunted House using only index cards and tape. Decide the challenge that best fits your student from the list provided on the activity page.

STEM Activity: How to Catch a Turkey

Have students read the book How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace. Then, have students design and build a trap that could catch a turkey. Afterwards, ask students to explain their design.

Design Your Own Thanksgiving Invitation Activity

Have students design a Thanksgiving invitation to send to family and friends. Talk with students about the different parts of an invitation and help them design a fun, Thanksgiving themed design.

Parts of a Computer Turkey Activity

Have students add feathers to the turkey by cutting out and gluing the correct picture icon to the activity page to label the different parts or components of the computer.