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Who We Are

We are a start-up non-profit organization that provides students the opportunity to learn valuable professional and soft skills as well as sophisticated technology.

Our Mission

Providing students the opportunity to gain valuable professional and technical skills while helping their community.

Our Vision

Making our students marketable and allowing them to stand out with their professional skills, technical skills, and innovative ideas when they enter the workforce.

Our Model

We design our programs and workshops with innovation and modern educational methods in mind.

Our model is broken into three teaching components: instruction, analysis, and application.

With these components in mind, each curriculum is divided into learning modules that students will participate in either in class or on their own. These areas of learning are achieved through lecture, activities and skill assessments and are designed to maximize the retention of the skill set being taught.

Programs & Workshops

We offer programs of various lengths to students in the community that teach them professional and soft skills, as well as a survey styled approach for each different Technology Track.

Our Story

SELECT Programs, Inc. was founded by B.J. and McKenzie Hansen in January 2019. In 2016, while working on her bachelor’s degree, McKenzie started hosting project based, technology programs for homeschooled students at the children’s library in Little Rock.

After working with students in the community for three years, McKenzie noticed that many students in the Central Arkansas community are not provided with opportunities to learn effective and valuable professional and technology skills that they can use after graduating high school.

McKenzie developed a teaching model for SELECT Programs to teach students professional, soft, and technology skills through a combination of instruction, analysis, and application.