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Meet Our Staff

McKenzie Hansen

McKenzie Hansen received her B.A. in Professional and Technical Writing and a minor in Information Technology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May of 2019. She graduated in the Fall of 2021 with her Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction.

McKenzie has a passion for learning, education, and technology; and utilizes modern day instructional and teaching methods to ensure that every student masters the content and skills.

McKenzie serves as the organization’s Executive Director, Programming Director, Instructional Designer, and as one of our Program Leaders.

BJ Hansen

BJ Hansen received his B.S. in Information Science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May of 2016. His IT background in education allows him to effectively implement innovative technologies that will keep our organization functioning and state-of-the-art for our students.

With the growing needs of web-based instruction and communication platforms, BJ developed the Learning Management System (LMS) that the organization uses. It provides a central and accessible online classroom for our students to collaborate, receive additional instruction, and complete assignments.

BJ serves as the organization’s Operation’s Director and IT Coordinator.

McKlay Self

McKlay Self has experience working as a fundraiser for a local marketing firm and a background in business to business marketing.

With over six years in customer service and sales, she has a lot of valuable experience and skills to offer our organization and our students.

McKlay serves as the Marketing & Outreach Director and as a Program Leader and Assistant for the organization.