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Program Equipment and Materials Use Policy

Program Equipment and Materials Use Rules:

  1. The equipment and / or materials available for use during one of our programs are educational tools and should be used for program assignments, activities, or projects only.
  2. The student is responsible for the equipment and materials at all times for the duration of the program’s session(s).
  3. The equipment should not be used to – COPY, DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD, or SHARE COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS without legal permission. This includes, but is not limited to, reproduction of music files, video files, software applications, etc.
  4. The student is the only authorized user of the equipment and / or materials. Never share or swap the equipment and / or materials with someone else.
  5. Do not EAT or DRINK near the equipment and materials.
  6. Do not mark the equipment and / or materials in any way with markers, stickers, etc
  7. Do not remove any SELECT Programs labels, tags, or software.
  8. Respect the equipment and materials as if it were your own personal property.
  9. If something happens to the equipment and / or materials while it is being used by the student, the student needs to report it to the SELECT Programs staff immediately.
  10. The assigned student and their parents may have to pay for damage caused to the equipment and / or materials while it was under their care. This could include additional charges outside of the program registration and any applicable deposit fees.